What To Expect


When you work with a “RESULTS” trainer, you choose to get the best possible results from your time spent exercising. We will develop a personalized plan and take you through all the steps required to reach your goals. Although each training process will vary depending upon an individual’s requirements.

Today having a personal trainer is affordable with a lot of people taking advantage of it. Using a personal trainer will fast track your results by teaching you the right technique and providing structure and monitoring progressions on programs specific to your requirements.

Below is a general outline of what you might expect during your first training sessions:

Initial Consultation: An initial consultation can be done by phone or in-person to determine your needs and goals, answer your questions, and discuss our various programs and packages. Personal training is as individual as you are. We really like to sit down with you and discuss what we can do to help

We are equip with everything needed to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. We like to vary your training to keep things fun for you.

Session #1: Getting acquainted with your trainer, weight and measurements taken, body composition testing, fitness assessment, specific goal setting strategies, introductory fitness training session. Food diary introduction.


Sessions #2 and #3: Nutrition consultation, fitness training with special emphasis on technique and learning new training strategies, overview of your customized training plan. Analysis of food diary.


From Session #4 on : Working together to achieve your goals during training sessions that will challenge you, yet still feel enjoyable. Expect inspiration, encouragement, accountability, motivational techniques, and continued introduction to a variety of exercises and training strategies, and help with fine-tuning technique.


With regular results reviews, together we can track your progress.

There’s nothing more motivating than seeing Results!