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Renita Collier
Known for her ability to deliver highly effective and challenging workouts while making them feel enjoyable, this former elite fitness and bodybuilding competitor is an experienced Personal Trainer with a proven record of getting results! In addition to Personal Training and several other certifications and training through a number of professional organizations, Renita is a success story herself and continues to inspire and motivate everyone she meets!
Renita was in a very traumatic motor vehicle accident in 1998. She experienced firsthand, the physical and emotional pain that comes with not being able to help yourself. That led to her complete lack of energy, depression, anxiety and obesity. Renita purchased a ninety day membership at a fitness center and went once. In her words:
“I asked five people the same question, and got five completely different answers!” I didn’t feel comfortable in the “gym” atmosphere. On top of that I was still facing the commute in bad weather and child care issues. During this time I discovered that there were few services available to help me fully recover and to get my fitness to a level where I could safely exercise again. The little motivation I had went down the drain again, there were too many obstacles in my way.

 Finally I got angry and sick and tired of being sick and tired! As a result, I began educating myself and through trial and error…I found out what works. Nine months and almost 70lbs later I was on stage winning my first bodybuilding competition! That was never my intention. I had never been fit or healthy really. When I started seeing my abs for the first time, I was in it for life! I am not suggesting anyone should do that. To be honest, I was happy with the way I looked and felt with a little more weight on. Fit, toned and healthy is where I’ll stay!

I must warn you. I got a lot of bad advice from self-proclaimed “Pros”. I could have done permanent damage to my body without knowing it. It took me longer than it would have without a Trainer. I spent a lot of time guessing. Again, you can read ten articles on fitness and get ten different recommendations. Having a trained Professional would have saved me a lot of grief, a lot of time and a lot less aches and pains!

 When you make a commitment and focus your mind on any endeavor, anything is possible. Being fit can make you feel alive and take you beyond your wildest dreams.

Anybody, given the proper guidance, motivation and support can achieve anything they put their mind to! I couldn’t ask for a better career, I can’t imagine doing anything else! The feeling of knowing I’ve helped someone else. That’s about as rewarding as it gets!

Seeing is believing! I know what works, I’ve done it! Skip the guesswork and let me help you in your journey to a healthier you!


Experience and credentials


  • Certified Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist

  • Certified Resistance Training Instructor
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • Red Cross CPR certified
  • Recipient of the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award 2000
  • 2002 1st Place Novice Women’s Open Fitness Championship
  • 2002 2nd Place Open Woman’s Fitness Championship
  • 2003 1st Place NSABBA Women’s Lightweight Bodybuilding Championship
  • 2003 2nd Place NSABBA Women’s Masters Bodybuilding Championship
  • 2003 1st Place Women’s Lightweight Atlantic Canadian Championship
  • 2014 Entrepreneur of the year


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